Places to Stay

Following is a list of yurt places to stay across the country. They may differ in terms of features, amenities and if they take children and/or pets. Contact them directly to inquire if they meet your needs. You have many options for places to stay and this page may be a good start for your search.


Homer Roadhouse, 534 Hidden Way, Homer Alaska (907) 399- 0716


Catherines Landing, 1700 Shady Grove Rd., Hot Springs, AK, (866)-537-1065


Yosemite Pines, 20450 Old Highway 120, Groveland, CA, (877) 962-7690

Treebones Resort, 71895 Highway 1, Bog Sur, CA (877) 424-4787


Ute Lodge, Meeker, CO, (888)414-2022

Wolf Creek Backcountry, PO Box 143, Pagosa Springs, CO, (970) 731-2486

Screwball Ranch, Eceredge, CO (970) 827-7373


Cedar House Inn and Yurts, 6463 Highway 19 North, Dahlonega, GA 30533. (706) 867-9446, Adults only, no pets.

Pine Mountain, 8804 Hamilton road, Pine Mountain, GA (866) 811-3691


Mary Rose Herb Farm, 23112 Cattail Road, Bristow, IN, (812)357-2699


Frost Mountain Yurts, 34 Farnsworth Rd, Brownfield, ME, (207) 935-3243


Wild Cherry Resort, 8563 E. Horn Rd, Lake Leelanau, MI, (231) 271-5550


Wilderness Wild, 2945 Hwy, 169, Ely, MN (218) 365-5873


City of Troy reservations, (406) 295-4151

Yurtski, 1915 S. 12 W., Missoula, MT (406) 721-1779

New Mexico

Enchanted Forest XC, 29 Sangre De Cristo Dr, Red River, NM (575) 754-6112

New York

Harmony Hill Lodging and Retreat Center, 694 McKee Hill Rd, East Meredith, NY (607) 278-6609

Falls Brook Yurt Backcountry Rentals, Sherman Pond State trailhead, Minerva, NY (518) 761-6187

Loomis Lair, 275 Mason Rd, Waterville, NY, (203) 676-8448

Willowemoc Wildforest Yurt, 60 Browns Rd., Livingston Manor, NY, (845) 439-4367

North Carolina

Campfire Lodgings, 116 Appalachian Village Rd, Asheville, NC (828) 658-8012

Falling Waters Resort, 10345 US Hwy 74 West, Bryson City, NC (800) 451-9972


Elephant Rock Nature Park, 22049 E. Elephant Rock Rd, Tahlequah, OK, (918) 456-9972


Yurtcation, North of Monticello & 40 minutes from Moab, (619) 846-7258


Rock Tavern River Camp, 1420 S. Page Valley Rd, Luray, VA (540) 843-4232


Coulee Playland Resort, 401 Coulee Blvd E. , Electric City, WA


Wagon Trail Campground, 1190 Hwy ZZ, Ellison Bay, WI, (920) 854-4818

Smokey Hollow Campground, W9935 McGowan Rd, Lodi, WI (608) 635-4806

Baraboo Hills Campground, E10545 Terrytown Rd, Baraboo, WI (608) 356-8505


Rendezvous Backcountry Tours, 1110 Alta North Rd, Alta, WY (877) 754-4887

Continental Divide Dogsled Adventures, 4338 US Hwy 26, Dubois, WY (307) 455-3052

You have many options for places to stay and we encourage you to give a yurt a try if you love the outdoors.

Do yurt lodging providers require reservations in advance?

Many do so that they can get your yurt ready for arrival.

How do you pay for lodging?

Many take credit cards to reserve a yurt while some might require a check in advance. Often a deposit may be required before arrival to insure your credit card is valid. It may or may not be refundable.

How are cancellations handled?

Each yurt property has their own policies so contact them. It is customary to have a cancellation requirement of 1 week or more with full payment required for cancellations inside the cancellation period.