Yurt Lodging

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Looking for an unique yurt lodging experience that combines nature with the comforts of home. Some call it “glamping”. They can come equipped with everything from the basic necessities for a simple camping experience to luxury amenities.

What’s a Yurt

This site provides a resource for those looking for yurt lodging. Yurts are tent like structures that have been in existence for over 2500 years in Mongolia. Mongolian yurts are still used today by the nomad herders and are made with lattice walls covered in yak felt. They are popular because they can be set up and taken down quickly to move with the herds. They also are placed on the ground with the floor covered in rugs and tend to not have windows.

While the modern American version provides higher tech engineering (decks, windows, insulation) and materials (vinyl/fabric covering), it shares the unique round shape that enthusiasts have sworn provides a restful , relaxing and positive feng shui experience.

Yurt Lodging Considerations

The accommodations listed on the following page vary in terms of pricing, policies, services and locations. Some have luxury features while others are designed for camping. Contact the listing of interest to inquire about specific features and whether children or pets are welcome. Many can be adults only for that unique romantic getaway.

Many State Parks have added yurts to their campgrounds since they have become so popular. Prices tend to be lower than private yurt rentals but they tend to be the basics- bring your sleeping bags, coleman stoves/lanterns and camp. Children are also usually welcome. They do tend to book quickly in many areas and the rates are affordable.

Click the following link to see if you can find a yurt lodging destination near you. https://yurtlodging.com/places-to-stay/

Frequently Asked Questions

Do yurts take children or Pets?

The yurts at many State Parks take children and usually pets on a leash. Some privately owned yurt accommodations may take children and/or pets while others may have an age restriction and some are adults only and/or no pets.

Are yurts comfortable in all seasons?

It depends on the location geographically. Yurts in the south can be very warm in the Summer even with fans and/or AC. It is difficult to cool a yurt with an air conditioning since yurts lack the wall thickness/insulating qualities of regular homes. Also being in the shade helps too! Yurts are easier to heat in the winter (electric heaters) unless you are in the far north (wood stove helps).

How are yurts in a storm?

Thunderstorms and heavy rain downpours can be noisy hitting the yurt’s canvas roof. Since they are round structures you normally do not notice higher winds as much as you would in a square structure. Many guests love staying in a yurt during the rain.

Do yurts have the same amenities?

Definitely not! State Park yurts often require you bring your own linens/beddings while privately owned yurt may provide. Some yurts have composting toilets in the yurt so you do not trek to the bath house for toileting in the middle of the night. State Park yurts tend to be located in the campground, no electricity in the yurt, you are “camping”. Some yurt providers provide breakfast as well with queen sized canopy beds for a “glamping” experience.

Are yurts priced per night?

Normally yes and price reflects the market, location, amenities, features, etc. State Parks tend to be the cheapest option but are sometimes hard to get into. Some yurt providers have 2 night minimums and/or cleaning fees. Some areas have lodging taxes added on too.

Besides this site where can I find more yurt options in my area?

Doing a google search is a first step. You can also look for yurt lodging on Airbnb, Vrbo and other online lodging booking sites.